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Beware of Cylinder Snapping

What is lock snapping?

An intruder will use a number of makeshift tools to snap the locks and, sadly, it can take just seconds to gain access to your home. No skill or experience is needed they will simply use physical force to break-in. Euro profile locks (better known as Euro Cylinders) are found in the majority of uPVC doors and are the most likely targets for this type of forced entry.

To combat this threat simply upgrade your cylinder to one that is specifically designed to prevent this method of attack, ideally one that meets the TS007 3 star standard. To ensure that lock snapping is not something you need to worry about, ensure that you have a TS007 3 star cylinder, preferably fitted in conjunction with a high security mechanism and handle set.

A Lock That Locks

We only fitt selected snap locks that we highly trust to keep you safe and that we know give you maximum protection in the worst case scenario. We fit locks that lock the burglar out and your home content in, like our Ultion Range for example.

See how vulnerable you home really is with BBC's WatchDog!

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